Saturday, January 9, 2016

Orphanage Progress

Orphanage updates.

Many improvements on the orphanage have been completed in 2015.
Boniface and his family are now living with 26 orphans thanks to God's provision and the generosity of many supporters. Thank you everyone, and please keep this ministry in your prayers!

Items completed in 2015:
1. Existing well cleaned and covered.
2. Pump and water storage tank installed.
3. Electric installed.
4. New beds for 26 orphans.
5. Temporary certificate granted for operation by the government.

They are currently working on the three needed bathrooms, kitchen plumbing, and painting. Upon completion of these, they will be issued a permanent certificate which allows for the rest of the orphans to be housed there. God is good and making the way!

Painting is continuing. Looking very good!

New storage tank being installed at the Orphanage.

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