Saturday, July 11, 2020


Pictured above is the story of a Grandmother that walked from Wasio (6 miles) to Migori Town several times over the last few weeks to sell her produce to provide for her and her granddaughter. She confessed she had very little hope for the future and longed for death so she could finally be at rest. She was met by Christian Ministers in Migori who shared the Gospel of Jesus! She gladly accepted him into her heart and has now found new hope. Boniface is working along with other ministers in the area to help with her care.   Thank the Lord for his His Mercy and to all the ministers who are willing to be that light.

Commit to a small amount each month to help with our mission to be a light to others!

Updates on our ministry:

     Our orphans have been home since all schools were closed in March due to Covid 19 outbreak. Boniface has been sharing the Gospel each week on Sundays over Facebook. If you are not friends with him on Facebook, send a friend request to Boniface Abanga and you will be able to view the service each week.  Our church was closed for a few months, but now has been informed of new guidelines for re-opening. We are praying for funds to prepare for opening Sunday July 19th. $620.00 is needed to fulfill all specified government requirements for opening.  
     Food supplies are now acquired once a month by a trip to Kisumu, located 3 hours way. Boniface, along with other shoppers must rent a large truck and be accompanied by guards to insure their safety. Many grocery stores in Migori have been broken into and store owners can no longer protect their food supplies. We thank the Lord they still have access to food. 
     These last 6 months have brought many changes, but one thing never changes. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He supplies our needs and will never leave, or forsake us!
     We pray we are able to reach more souls for His kingdom before our time has passed. Jesus is coming soon!
     I encourage you to pray about a monthly commitment, or a one-time offering to help re-open our churches in Migori. Let's keep the Lord's work going until He comes that many souls will come to Christ! 
     To make a recurring monthly donation, or help with re-opening costs; please go to our website and click on DONATE. I will be notified immediately of your donation and I will confirm with you.

Blessings to you,
Mary E. Seevers

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