Wednesday, May 10, 2017

12 Days of Blessing!

Since our last post in February, the Lord has opened the windows of heaven and poured out a blessing!
On March 30th. the need was very great in Migori. The drought had taken a serious toll on the water and food supply.
 People and animals alike were dying and there was no means of correcting the mounting problems.

 There was nothing to plant for a much needed crop that could be harvested by June. The rains were forecast to return in just days. They were down to the wire to get something in the ground.

 They had no bulls to help with plowing, no seed to plant, no fertilizers (all animals died so they had no manure), no medicine to treat water borne illnesses, no clean water, no food to keep workers nourished while hand digging, and all seemed hopeless.

But Then God Answered Prayer!

 We put out a plea for help...many answered the need with donations. One donor even pledged to match donations! ,,,,,,,,   $10,000.00 came in over the next 12 days! A miracle!

Boniface ordered two bulls right away from the border of Uganda, to be used to plow the ground.

He rode the 6 hr. trip back with the bulls in the truck to insure a safe delivery.
He ordered needed seeds, fertilizers, army worm spray, and much needed medicines.

Upon his return they found that the old plow his dad owned for many years was worn out and was unable to  dig deep enough behind the bulls.
 Boniface was able to purchase another one at a market.

Pictured below are the new crops coming in!

They were also able to put in two hand dug wells ! One at his dad's village and another one ten miles from that one. Now many will have access to safe clean water!

Looking forward to a beautiful harvest in June!
Isn't The Lord Good?