Thursday, August 16, 2018

Boniface's Visit to the USA 2018

Boniface arrived May 5th and returned on July 30th.  Below are pictures taken during his stay.
Many churches opened their pulpits for Boniface to share and many people of God hosted and cared for him during his stay. Thank you to all and the Lord richly bless you!


Howie & Patti Jones picked up Boniface at the airport upon his arrival and hosted him in their home for 3 weeks! Thank you Howie & Patti!

Pastor John & Connie Carpenter hosted Boniface at Mt. Zion UMC Minerva, Ohio & Pleasant Grove UMC East Rochester, Ohio. Thank you all and God Bless You!


Pastor John Wallace at First Moravian Church in Dover, Ohio
Thank you for your gifts and hospitality! Blessings to you!


Pastor Ed & Tammy Rexroad of Light In The Valley Church in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Thank you for hosting Boniface two times during his stay! Thank you Therese Hampton for your support for orphan Brandon Moses! Blessings to you all!

Thank you Kathleen & Hannah Huston for new Nike's for orphans Alexis & Sophy!


Bishop Robert Jones founder of The Church of the Living God in Kenya 2008.We thank you for hosting Boniface in your home during his stay! We pray the Lord will richly reward you!

Pastor Tadd & Lindsey Sponseller of Salem UMC Fredericktown, Ohio & Easton UMC Canton, Ohio. Thank you for hosting Boniface in your home and in your churches. Blessings to you all.


Pastor Scott & Staci Snyder of Hope Christian Community Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio
Thank you for hosting Boniface and gifting him with new microphones to take back with him for ministry!

Thank you Rochelle Ring for
bringing jewelry for Hilda!                              Thank you Hope Community Bible School for
                                                                         donating to the orphans for school costs.

Thank you Bruce Seevers for driving Boniface to and from his scheduled speaking
 engagements! Also for the lunches and dinners you provided for him on those journeys!
 The Lord bless you so much for your support! 

Pastor Troy & Andrea Woodmansee of Redeeming Passions Ministries of Cambridge, Ohio
Thank you so much for hosting Boniface and supporting 17 orphans!

Below: Pastor Troy preaching in Kenya!


More pictures of Pastor Troy & Ray ministering in the Migori, Kenya Crusade which runs through
 August 19,2018. We are hearing of many coming to Christ!

Pastor Max & Sis Canfield of First Church of the Brethren 
New Philadelphia, Ohio
Thank you and the church for your continued support!
 We pray the Lord will richly repay all your kindness!

Migorimissions Board Members

Patti Jones, Mary Seevers, Jacqueline Garner
Boniface Abanga, Howie Jones, Robert Jones

Pastor Scott & Staci Snyder

Patti Jones, Mary Seevers, Bruce Seevers,
Boniface Abanga, Howie Jones, Robert Jones


       The Lord is Good and Greatly to be Praised!


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Lord Makes A Way.....Again!

New Year Brings New Challenges!

January, the orphans started their new school year with the usual expenses of school fees and supplies.

 February started with very dry conditions, and our four existing shallow wells were soon showing signs of going completely dry. It became very difficult to find sources of clean water.

 During this difficult month we were able to get the existing corn harvest in before the dry conditions ruined the crop. Thank you Lord!

 The very dry conditions and lack of clean water caused many to became ill.  They came to our Clinic to be treated for Chlorea and other waterborne illnesses. This very quickly put a strain on our medical stock.
 March soon arrived and with it the need to begin plowing and preparing our farm land for the next planting.

How could we meet these challenges in such a small time frame?

The Lord Makes A Way Again!      Right On Time!

Our fundraiser lasted 7 days (Feb. 25, thru Mar. 1) and was generously matched again this year by Darryl & Diane Rosser from Birmingham, Alabama! What a blessing!

Thank you to all our donors, we are so very thankful. Only the Lord can repay your kindness!

With the Lord's provision, we were able to have three of our four wells dug deeper to provide clean safe water very quickly!

"Diane's Well" pictured below, is located at the Rosser Farm. Our Senior Facility is also located there. This well was opened and hand dug deeper! It now supplies clean, safe water for all at the Farm and Senior Home! 

This well at the Orphanage pictured below, was also opened and hand dug deeper. It supplies fresh, clean water to the orphans, and many of the church family!


Located two miles from Diane's Well, is the Community Well. This well was opened and dug deeper, and fitted with a new pump! It supplies fresh clean water to over 7,000 families! Pictured below is the special Dedication Service for the well, where all thanked God for His Provision of clean water! Boniface had the opportunity to preach during this special service, and gave an invitation to all to receive Christ as their Saviour! 

March Planting is in the Ground!

The Lord provided funds for all planting supplies: Corn Seed, Fertilizer, Bean Seed, and Worm Spray.
Pictured below are some of the orphans helping with the planting.

 The rains have returned! God is good!


The Lord also provided provisions for some medical supplies, and this first quarter's school fees!

Thank You Again Sponsors! God Bless You!